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Grade 1


Metz have been the market leaders in the production of genetic hackles for over 20 years and continue to offer the finest quality and best value for money for all fly-tyers.

These superb saddle hackles are selected for perfection in colour and length. 

They are perfect for tying small dry hackles fishing fishing flies or to be used on predator lures in tails and cheeks. The go to choice for the perfect fly.

Packs of 110 inches. Available in packs of avg 10 feathers with an average length between 8-12 inches.

Assorted size of feathers for tying up #10 to #18s.

Black, Brown, Grizzly, Cream, Ginger, Light Blue Dun, Badger, Dark Dun / Chocolate

Metz Micro Packs

Dispatched in 7 to 10 days
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