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This new '477' has been specially developed to replicate as close as possible the classic Sawyer Bug tying wool.


Originally Sawyer used Chadwicks 477 and as perfectionists found other substitutes simply did not match the original  material for colour.


The Semperfli team actually got a factory to spin some Chadwick's 477 substitute especially! It comes as a 3 ply making tying of the nice thick Sawyer Killer Bug a doddle.


However to perfectly replicate the original Killer Bug simply split the 477 Substitute from 3 ply to one and it matches even the  diameter of the original 477.


You are buying Semperfli Chadwick's 477 Substitute not the Original Chadwicks 477! 


Any original cards of Chadwick's 477 are worth a small fortune probably locked in a safe!


Semperfli Chadwick 477 Substitute

SKU: Sem-chad477
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