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Say goodbye to your cluttered tying desk with this ultimate fly-tying combination tool.


This product features 2 collar locking heads mounted on an ergonomic aluminium handle. The handle is supplied with 4 interchangeable heads securely stored in separate plastic tubes. Simply unscrew the locking collar and replace the head according to your requirements.


The 4-in-1 Combi Tool is the perfect tool to de-clutter your tying desk. Furthermore, with the 2 collar locking heads you can use multiple attachments at any time. 


Includes 4 interchangeable heads:


  • Scalpel cutting blade - Extremely sharp for effortless cutting uses. 
  • Bodkin needle - Slim point for applying varnish or unpicking dubbing.
  • Bobbin threader - Ideal length to be used in conjunction with any bobbin. 
  • Leg knotting tool - Perfect for seamlessly knotting pheasant tail and sili legs.

Upavon 4 in 1 Combi Tool

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