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The shirt is easy to pack, lightweight, iron-free and will dry quickly after washing, making it suitable for travel.

One front pocket is including an YKK® zipper and therefor suitable for safe storage of creditcards, phone or a small tackle box.


  • PolyBrush offers high UV-protection (+50)
  • The sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a strap
  • One of the front pockets features a YKK® zipper and is suitable for safe storage of valuables
  • PolyBrush is so finely woven that insects have difficulty biting through it

Polybrush2 has a ”regular” fit, which ensures good mobility, comfort and, not least, a stylish expression.

Polybrush2 has changed in size compared to previous models. In addition, it is quite common to use a size smaller in Polybrush shirt than in our jackets.

100% brushed recyclable polyester. A thin and light weave with a brushed outside effectively absorbs and spreads out the moisture. The moisture will dry quickly as it spreads across the brushed surface.


In comparison to its thin structure, the PolyBrush fabric is very durable. It allows for rough treatment and will retain its look even after numerous washes and extensive use.

Polybrush Guide Shirt

Available in 7 to 10 days
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